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Cambrian ihentai, hanime 2023

Country: Japanese

Genres: 18 Restricted, 2005, Manga, Nudity, Parasite, Rape, Sex, Subbed, Tentacle, Uncensored

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Movie plot

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Dr. Yamagishi was expelled from an academic society because he had tried to make a human clone. Next theme of his study was a new human species Cambrian. He made himself a test target. However, he turned into a chunk of grotesque flesh, and it began to rape women by its tentacles.

Year: 2005
Source: Original
Genre: 18 Restricted, Manga, Nudity, Parasite, Rape, Sex, Tentacle
Duration: 1ep. 6min.
language: RAW
Quality: WEB-480PX
Release date: Oct/12/2014
Original name:カンブリアン
English name: Cambrian
Director: Yoshiten
Studio: Studio Jam

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